• M/s Global Facility Management Company total responsibility for workers.
  • The Company will be providing uniforms and shoes to workers.
  • In case a worker remains absent, sick or otherwise we will provide a replacement.
  • Our Company has certain rules and regulation when we appoint any housekeeping employee for our office which has to be strictly followed bt them. Hence, we request service receiver not to interfere in the same.
  • If Contract will finish with us and you are interested to keep that housekeeping employees. In that case you are liable to pay one month payment according to placement.
  • We always give training and information to the housekeeping employee that not to remain absent without any information, so that it is easy for us to send reliver. If the housekeeping employee don't inform for any casual reason then sending reliever is doubtful. Also if the housekeeping employee is absent for more than 3 days then we will arrange for new employee within next 2 days.
  • Bill will be raised on or before 3rd of every month, service provider has to release cheque within 2 days after the bill date, so that we can make the payment of housekeeping employee on time.
  • If our contract will get renewed in that case our housekeeping rates will be revised in order to give the increment to housekeeping employee so that they work happily.
  • For any kind of complaints please contact HR at office on Telephone No. 09222444188, 09323932327
  • The Contract is terminable by either party, without assigning any reason by givin on months advance notice in writing.

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